Friday, September 26, 2008

banks and loans and the collapse of wamu

anyone else think the wamu commercials with the bankers trapped and the hip young guy talking 'bout how much better wamu is, anyone else now finding those HILARIOUS?


Anyway. The whole bank bailout thing, I don't know how I feel about it. Or anything about this whole financial fuck up. People should not buy things that they can't afford, I guess. Is this simply a backlash of the 90s and early 2000s and even now, with kids right out of college buying brand new cars and shit, and then not paying off student loans? I mean, these people bitch and bitch, but really, how much money are they spending outside of what they actually NEED as opposed to what they WANT? And all these people who bought houses that they did not need and now, can't afford. Not every 30 year old needs a fucking $500,000 mcmansion, now do they? Fuck no. The perception of what people need has radically changed in the last 20 years. I remember my godmother cramming 3 kids into the back of a beat ass sedan all the time. With a baby seat in the middle and the other 2 kids just crammed in there. My friend had 2 kids and whined about how they did not fit into her car and she NEEDED an suv to fit them. No, you WANT one. If you can afford whatever you want, that is fine; but do not make it out that you freaking need something when it is something you want.

Anyway, I am done ranting. I am just looking around at these people with their freakouts and new cars and giant houses and wondering just how many of them have a legitimate gripe about this whole thing.


In other news, rain or no, i am looking forward to the weekend. My arms still hurt from tuesday and I find that AWESOME. Rock climbing is the SHIT!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Someone is coming into the office at night and watching TV. because I know we were not watching ESPN last night.

On another note, my hands hurt and my arms are all noodley. Indoor rock climbing is AWESOME YALL. I made it ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP OF THIS ONE WALL, LIKE, WHOA. SKILLZ. today I am paying for it though. It is fun to come down all WHEE too, except apparently if you have balls, because then if you get caught up in the line you go WHEEEE, OW MY BALLS. and then I laugh at you. (that was my friend on his way down. I'm not making fun of random balls. Not yet.) But yeah tons of fun and I went up REAL REAL high. REAL high. well, REAL REAL HIGH for me. because I am a pansy. I did think i was slightly fit because I could do a pushup but I WAS WRONG. I guess I just have to go back. Heh. I will get good with this climbing thing.

So the book I am reading for my modern literature class is actually really good; it's a bunch of folktales and what not. I really like it. Which is good because i had to read like half of it in one day since I waited forever to buy it.

So apparently Clay Aiken is gay and i am SHOCKED!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

so I think

I am going to start training to run in the marathon (again) except that I will just go for the 8k. 5 little miles. I'll see how I feel by midoctober about the whole thing.

School is pretty good, I managed to get my hands on a textbook *hooray* for my one class, and I have to start looking for the book(s) for the other class. My teacher for that one? His name is JEBEDIAH, fucking for reals, yall. Who is named JEBEDIAH? I would not make fun of him except that he keeps us for the whole entire time and I find that annoying.

I am not fond of interpreting poetry, in case you wondering.

Also last night, I got a little sad because in the textbook, there is a Vonnegut story and they do not have a death year in his minibiography.

On a completely different note, my ten year high school reunion is coming up. Right after the marathon, in fact. I am not quite sure how I feel about all this. A lot of high school was absolute hell for me-it's not easy being the fat one-and a part of me is filled with triumph that I overcame that image. Then part of me looks at all the people i graduated with who have degrees, families, careers, and I think to myself that with 28 years, I have yet to really do anything with my life. I mean, yes, I am in college now, but really, I wasted a lot of time getting here! And so many people that I know, i feel like they fasttracked to adulthood and I am still a kid. A kid with a drinking problem, true, but a kid nonetheless. And there is that part of me that seeks out people I went to school with on Myspace, and when I see that they are all fat or ugly, if they were mean to me back then I am a little happier. Like the universe itself is taking revenge on these people, because they were dicks to me back then. Of course, it helps that I am pretty much actually happy with things right now, so yeah. I don't know though, I am definitely feeling a little weirded out by this whole thing.

My birthday was awesome though; I got drunk on pbr and ate pizza, and then passed out. and woke up at 4am to see a soda on the nightstand in a glass, and I got all excited, because i though jimy brought soda in before bed because he knew i would want-nay, knew i would NEED it-and so i took a giant swig

and it was a rum and coke

I was none too pleased!

Monday, September 15, 2008

of leg cramps and shitty bookstores

so the bookstore at temple did not have my textbook for the one class I am in. Like, seriously, bookstore? Really? How exactly do you run out of a book that your fucking own professor edited?

but it all worked out in the end.

So since I fell and skinned my knee, I was still running, but I think it has been detrimental. Like, I get horrid leg cramps and tightness in that calf; I think I am favoring that leg and it's not going well. However, I am takinga day off from running-I ran sunday, and a mile this morning just to feel good-but I think it deserves a break, right? Right.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


so I am a lameoid lately. With school and shit, my running is definitely taken a back burner. I just can not motivate on a wednesday when i am nonstop all day and then get home to eat dinner at 8pm.

I am going to try to get in a morning routine though-I have been getting up a few minutes earlier each day, in the hopes that I will soon be up at 530 to hit the gym before work. We'll see how that goes.

Monday, September 08, 2008

monday sadtimes

so i think i got like 2 hours of worthwhile sleep last night. lots of tossing and turning. I think it may be related to nerves, due to another first night of class tonight, and also possibly the buffalo veggie burgers i had for dinner. Not that i'm super nervous about class, I just feel incredibly unprepared, as I could not access an essay that was on the internet nor could I procure the textbook beforehand. (there's a posted syllabus. the book is listed. I hope that means we still get some time to buy it.) It's mostly the whole essay assignment that i can SEE, but I cannot READ, or ACCESS, that is worrying me.

So i did what any overacheiving bookworm nerd would do. I called the professor and left a message. Heh.

So this whole gym thing is going really well. I ran both days this weekend.

The manual transmission? Going SUPER GOOD YALL. I drove it home all by myself on Sunday. After, you know, my dad came outside to see me off for my big trip home, and I backed out, and then put it in first, and promptly stalled.

He laughed pretty hard and told me to get a move on it.

So I did! And I did not die. I did stall a couple of times but no one honked or yelled (like I was afraid of) and no one rearended me and I did not die in a horrible fireball. hooray! I made it home and I parked and napped and then looked at the car through the window.

Knowing that I have acquired a new skill makes me happy. And it is a skill, there's wikihow articles on it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the new kid

the new kid is me today. I am so super nervous. I don't even know why. but I am getting very jittery and even my coworkers, who are used to my mood swings, have noticed that i'm a bit freaked.


in other news, my dad looks like john mccain and is teaching me how to drive stick. That is...well, it's interesting. The first thing I did was freak out that I was going to run over a bird, and then lean out the window and cry out "OMG BIRD LOOKOUT YOU ARE GOING TO DIE I CAN'T STOP THIS CRAZY CONTRAPTION!" while my dad laughed and laughed in the passenger seat.

Mind you I had just (like, a second before) put the car in first gear and began to roll. so this was all happening at about, oh, mile an hour. and I'm yelling "DAD STOP LAUGHING, MAKE YOURSELF USEFULL, TELL ME HOW TO STOP!"

I have another driving lesson this weekend. More updates on events as they occur.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

stupid tuesday

so it's back to work after a long lazy weekend. grr. school starts tomorrow and i'm not really looking forward to it. Mostly because I am nervous that I am going to regular college with, like, 19 year olds and i'm old. sooooo old.

If all holds well together on Kneeskingate, I plan to hit the treadmill tonight. At least for a little bit so I don't totally lose all the progress I am making. Unfortunately, the placement of the grossassness is right on the bend where my knee curves, so bending and then straightening it tends to rip it open and mush the edges back together. Gross, I know. Enough of that!

I am still pleased with myself for getting back up and finishing the run though. I has dedication!

edit: because i want to.

so I am also nervous about school because I am worried about hacking it. Like...what if I can't handle it? Arrrgh. *nerves* I shouldn't be worried, even if it's really hard I am sure that I will be able to buckle down and work through it, but still. I was flipping through the syllabus for the one class and I realized that I have read a lot of the stories that are required so I am ahead there. HAHA NERDINESS PAYS IN THE END YALL!

Monday, September 01, 2008

that time I had a blog and then forgot about it

that was...this one. right now. My boy has a blogger account so, while i was reading his updates, i happened to log into gmail and then I realized OMG! I HAS A BLOGGER! so i thought i would update.


So yeah, I have been trying to get back into running after some diastery times. And it was going okay, until thursday.

when i fell.

off the treadmill. trying to catch my falling ipod.

and gave myself a wicked ass treadburn on my knee. I mean, really, at least it looks badass and I got right back up and looked around to make sure no one had seen me and then finished my three mile run (yeah BOY! i are fit! it took me like....35 minutes though. *lameass*)

so yeah. that is me lately. And i start school on wednesday. Pictures of the knee catastrophe to follow.

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