Monday, August 28, 2006


although I think the floor waxity people stole my goddamn time card. thanks, dicks.

so i might just be the shittiest blogger ever, it's been like what, 2 months since i updated? god.

Honestly, not much happens to me. I keep looking for jobs and future dudes, and not really finding much in the way of either. maybe I thought I had one, (boy wise) but then again, as time goes on, maybe not. It's been all of five weeks and the bloom is already offa that rose.

Mostly because he told me I had "junk in my trunk" which I know is merely code for "you have a giant, fat ass, you giant fat obese pig woman". I figured he meant it as a compliment, since at one point I expressed my desire to get back in shape, and he said he'd dump my ass if I lost my ass, but still? To my fucked up way of thinking, he totally called me fat.

SO! tomorrow I tour a gym down the street from the office. if he's gonna dump me because I lose my "womanly fat curves" then so be it, because I am unhappy with this bloated visage I see in the mirror, and I must make a change for the better. and I can't keep on complaining about how I'm fat when all I do is walk (I do still walk all around the city, but it's not making a difference in my waistline, or in my jiggly inner thighs.)

But maybe, just maybe, interwebs, I will make adifference in myself. and there will be more updates for you on this boy situation.