Tuesday, September 16, 2008

so I think

I am going to start training to run in the marathon (again) except that I will just go for the 8k. 5 little miles. I'll see how I feel by midoctober about the whole thing.

School is pretty good, I managed to get my hands on a textbook *hooray* for my one class, and I have to start looking for the book(s) for the other class. My teacher for that one? His name is JEBEDIAH, fucking for reals, yall. Who is named JEBEDIAH? I would not make fun of him except that he keeps us for the whole entire time and I find that annoying.

I am not fond of interpreting poetry, in case you wondering.

Also last night, I got a little sad because in the textbook, there is a Vonnegut story and they do not have a death year in his minibiography.

On a completely different note, my ten year high school reunion is coming up. Right after the marathon, in fact. I am not quite sure how I feel about all this. A lot of high school was absolute hell for me-it's not easy being the fat one-and a part of me is filled with triumph that I overcame that image. Then part of me looks at all the people i graduated with who have degrees, families, careers, and I think to myself that with 28 years, I have yet to really do anything with my life. I mean, yes, I am in college now, but really, I wasted a lot of time getting here! And so many people that I know, i feel like they fasttracked to adulthood and I am still a kid. A kid with a drinking problem, true, but a kid nonetheless. And there is that part of me that seeks out people I went to school with on Myspace, and when I see that they are all fat or ugly, if they were mean to me back then I am a little happier. Like the universe itself is taking revenge on these people, because they were dicks to me back then. Of course, it helps that I am pretty much actually happy with things right now, so yeah. I don't know though, I am definitely feeling a little weirded out by this whole thing.

My birthday was awesome though; I got drunk on pbr and ate pizza, and then passed out. and woke up at 4am to see a soda on the nightstand in a glass, and I got all excited, because i though jimy brought soda in before bed because he knew i would want-nay, knew i would NEED it-and so i took a giant swig

and it was a rum and coke

I was none too pleased!


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