Tuesday, September 02, 2008

stupid tuesday

so it's back to work after a long lazy weekend. grr. school starts tomorrow and i'm not really looking forward to it. Mostly because I am nervous that I am going to regular college with, like, 19 year olds and i'm old. sooooo old.

If all holds well together on Kneeskingate, I plan to hit the treadmill tonight. At least for a little bit so I don't totally lose all the progress I am making. Unfortunately, the placement of the grossassness is right on the bend where my knee curves, so bending and then straightening it tends to rip it open and mush the edges back together. Gross, I know. Enough of that!

I am still pleased with myself for getting back up and finishing the run though. I has dedication!

edit: because i want to.

so I am also nervous about school because I am worried about hacking it. Like...what if I can't handle it? Arrrgh. *nerves* I shouldn't be worried, even if it's really hard I am sure that I will be able to buckle down and work through it, but still. I was flipping through the syllabus for the one class and I realized that I have read a lot of the stories that are required so I am ahead there. HAHA NERDINESS PAYS IN THE END YALL!


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