Monday, June 04, 2007

Philadelphia's Murder Rate Increased 17 Percent

Currently philadelpia has a murder rate of one per day. five gunshots wounds a day.

good god, what is happening to my city? seriously? It's worse than New York according to the news blogs.

and it makes me feel the need to write a deep, meaningful blog, as opposed to my usual "hey i got drunk this weekend" monday post. which i did, and passed out, after only 4 ( i think, anyway) beers and my god, what is happening to me? this is two weekends, basically in a row, where i got so drunk i passed out all like whoa. and after drinking what would be considered a perfectly normal amount of alcohol.

Strange, but i guess it's time to stop (waaah) drinking for awhile. I guess my tolerance is zooming downward as I age.

I can't write a meaningful blog on a shitty rainy monday morning.


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