Monday, September 08, 2008

monday sadtimes

so i think i got like 2 hours of worthwhile sleep last night. lots of tossing and turning. I think it may be related to nerves, due to another first night of class tonight, and also possibly the buffalo veggie burgers i had for dinner. Not that i'm super nervous about class, I just feel incredibly unprepared, as I could not access an essay that was on the internet nor could I procure the textbook beforehand. (there's a posted syllabus. the book is listed. I hope that means we still get some time to buy it.) It's mostly the whole essay assignment that i can SEE, but I cannot READ, or ACCESS, that is worrying me.

So i did what any overacheiving bookworm nerd would do. I called the professor and left a message. Heh.

So this whole gym thing is going really well. I ran both days this weekend.

The manual transmission? Going SUPER GOOD YALL. I drove it home all by myself on Sunday. After, you know, my dad came outside to see me off for my big trip home, and I backed out, and then put it in first, and promptly stalled.

He laughed pretty hard and told me to get a move on it.

So I did! And I did not die. I did stall a couple of times but no one honked or yelled (like I was afraid of) and no one rearended me and I did not die in a horrible fireball. hooray! I made it home and I parked and napped and then looked at the car through the window.

Knowing that I have acquired a new skill makes me happy. And it is a skill, there's wikihow articles on it.


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