Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the new kid

the new kid is me today. I am so super nervous. I don't even know why. but I am getting very jittery and even my coworkers, who are used to my mood swings, have noticed that i'm a bit freaked.


in other news, my dad looks like john mccain and is teaching me how to drive stick. That is...well, it's interesting. The first thing I did was freak out that I was going to run over a bird, and then lean out the window and cry out "OMG BIRD LOOKOUT YOU ARE GOING TO DIE I CAN'T STOP THIS CRAZY CONTRAPTION!" while my dad laughed and laughed in the passenger seat.

Mind you I had just (like, a second before) put the car in first gear and began to roll. so this was all happening at about, oh, mile an hour. and I'm yelling "DAD STOP LAUGHING, MAKE YOURSELF USEFULL, TELL ME HOW TO STOP!"

I have another driving lesson this weekend. More updates on events as they occur.

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