Wednesday, May 30, 2007


so it's been awhile, i've been lounging at livejournal lately. feel free to check it out. but other than that, megan's wedding is fast approaching, and i'm SO NOT READY for my best friend to be all married and shit.

also, i need to figure out what i'm doing with hair and makeup and all that good stuff.

I need to get a foundation that won't reflect white. I need to get a present for the shower and the wedding and think up some suggestions for the pre wedding debauchery.

I'm not a plus one for this affair, since i'm currently single (well, kinda, i mean..shit. I don't know. I hate boys.) and really the odds of me finding a boyfriend worthy of a wedding in the next two months? slim to none.

My running career is on hold or maybe over forever. This time it's not a pulled muscle, it's bursitis of the hip, and it's been like 6 weeks since i've been able to run, and it still hurts. STILL. I need to wait like...a week after the pain goes away entirely before I can think about running again. and even then i'll be prone to reinjury. it's killing me, but what can I do? Well, i could run through the pain, but then that opens up a whole new can of worms, horrible painful worms.