Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm never drinking and walking again, I can barely manage walking sober, and clearly, drunkwalking is fully beyond me

I all fell friday and got "impact bursitis" in my elbow, which is a fancy way of saying "i hurt my damn arm, and it still hurts, and typing this hurts, but I feel the need to blog about it." So it's just gonna take time to heal but I'll soon be good as new. But I seem to have problems with my hair, moving my arm in the necessary contortions is just too painful so it's a hot mess right now.And fuck that blow dryer, man. Although my doctor did say I was lucky not to break my wrist, because usually the injuries he sees involving impact bursitis of the elbow, you hit ground hard enough to snap some o' them little birdie bones in the wrist. I figure my face catching some of that impact helped matters.