Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Instances as of late

So I have been a bit busy lately. Although i am staying pretty consistent with running, even with going to school twice a week. I've added in some longer runs on the weekends and finally my legs are starting to get weak and crap out before my lungs do. It's a nice change. It'll be 6 months since I quit smoking soon (october 23rd) which is making a difference, I guess. And I still have the same boyfriend (hi jimy. <3. I miss you.) since then. And I need to work on this girlfriend thing, i'm not really all that great at it yet, but ima learn, dammit. i love this retard. i want to hang on to him.

the only thing i'm going to say about politics is that mccain was very gracious and obama is a good speaker.

also school sucks right now.