Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Class of 2011

So, school is expensive.

In that vein, I am going to try to blog real, real hard so that some people will read this, and want to give me money for school.

And, since other people (my inspiration is actually that chick who begged on the internet to get people to help pay her debt, and also the free boob job site) seem to think the internet is their own private charity, I am going to take part in the free for all.


I actually have a list of things-Like, my minimum grades, that I will graduate with honors if I can quit my job-that I have promised to do, if I get this money. So hit me up, suckas.

Help a girl out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The awesome incredible not so bad day

so my boy and I took a little minivacation-just us, away from philadelphia, just for a night. And it was GREAT. Better than great. We ate all the food and drank all the beers we could, and then fell asleep (from fun!) before the business time could start. All in all, a great overnight.

Then he came up AGAIN, and we went MINIGOLFING. Even though, in between breakfast (at Jones-and delicious) and actually arriving there (i.e., getting lost one block from the course, me thinking that the surprise of minigolf on a 90 degree day would be great) we hit some roadblocks, somehow it all ended up okay. And more than okay, we had an awesome time. AWESOME. Then topped it off with beers with my friends (and a long ass, cranky walk home on my part. My feet were killing me, and my buzz had faded into a headache) and movie times. Which again, was awesome.

It's been so great I'm worried about the inevitable shoe dropping.

Also-The class that I was sure I was going to fail, due to some 50% test grades, I got an A-. That makes two a's in a row for my summer class, and my first a's at temple.

Things are super okay!