Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Someone is coming into the office at night and watching TV. because I know we were not watching ESPN last night.

On another note, my hands hurt and my arms are all noodley. Indoor rock climbing is AWESOME YALL. I made it ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP OF THIS ONE WALL, LIKE, WHOA. SKILLZ. today I am paying for it though. It is fun to come down all WHEE too, except apparently if you have balls, because then if you get caught up in the line you go WHEEEE, OW MY BALLS. and then I laugh at you. (that was my friend on his way down. I'm not making fun of random balls. Not yet.) But yeah tons of fun and I went up REAL REAL high. REAL high. well, REAL REAL HIGH for me. because I am a pansy. I did think i was slightly fit because I could do a pushup but I WAS WRONG. I guess I just have to go back. Heh. I will get good with this climbing thing.

So the book I am reading for my modern literature class is actually really good; it's a bunch of folktales and what not. I really like it. Which is good because i had to read like half of it in one day since I waited forever to buy it.

So apparently Clay Aiken is gay and i am SHOCKED!


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