Monday, June 04, 2007

Philadelphia's Murder Rate Increased 17 Percent

Currently philadelpia has a murder rate of one per day. five gunshots wounds a day.

good god, what is happening to my city? seriously? It's worse than New York according to the news blogs.

and it makes me feel the need to write a deep, meaningful blog, as opposed to my usual "hey i got drunk this weekend" monday post. which i did, and passed out, after only 4 ( i think, anyway) beers and my god, what is happening to me? this is two weekends, basically in a row, where i got so drunk i passed out all like whoa. and after drinking what would be considered a perfectly normal amount of alcohol.

Strange, but i guess it's time to stop (waaah) drinking for awhile. I guess my tolerance is zooming downward as I age.

I can't write a meaningful blog on a shitty rainy monday morning.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I don't care how cute your jeans are, or how skinny you were, or how skinny you want to be again. If you can not button and zipper them, then don't fucking wear them, at least not out in public, on broad street, at 7pm. Your gut pushing out through the zipper? Not cute. OK, maybe you're pregnant; you know what? still, either get maternity pants or a longer shirt.

and if you choose to dress in such a manner, when a group of dudes standing on the corner all start with "NICE PANTS! hahahahah!" You have no right, at all, to get pissed off and give them the finger.

don't make a spectacle of yourself and then get pissy that people are looking.

Hair idears.

So i am growing tired of my hair already, and i just got it cut like...a week ago. two weeks. Not that I regret it but...i dunno. I think i need to find a new stylist, one more for the long grown up hair that i'm cultivating, not the rockstar hair of the past. and also, as i style it and work with it every day, i realize that the last cut i got really was not that good, i mean it looked good when i got it, but if i need to go back TWO WEEKS LATER TO MAINTAIN maybe i need to try something different. Or someone different.
and what if the new person is worse and i end up having to crawl back in shame? shaaaaaaaaaame? she will know, they always do, and then she'll probably shave me bald out of sheer spite.

I really want some cake.

I brought healthy snacks to work-fruit and yogurt and many other good things for me-and all i want is cake and chips. someone needs to have a BIRTHDAY PARTY up in here, and soon, or else no chips and cake for me. Actually being that i MUST stay this size for the next two months, really, there should be no cake or chips for me ANYWAY.

speaking of weight gain one of my fellow bridesmaids is pregnant. no bachelorette shenanigans for her.

also! i have heard rumors that philadelphia is fucking finally getting a goddamn sephora. it is about goddamn time. I hate that i feel like when i go to sephora in jersey or KoP, i need to spend a ton of money, because really, it's like i am making a special trip just for that. please please, i really hope this is true. Of course, it probably won't happen until after i move out of the city (augh. don't wanna!) which will SUCK for me.

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